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We Provide Alternative Financing to U.S. Businesses

When banks say no, we analyze your business, evaluate options, and provide solutions.

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Great Lakes Business Credit

Secured Business Loans From $500,000 to $6,000,000

Great Lakes Business Credit was formed in 2002 to provide alternative financing to U.S. businesses. We work closely with business owners to create a finance solution to provide the capital, time and tools needed to get back on the path of financial stability, navigate through tough times, restructure their business and regain financial stability.

  • Lines of credit secured by accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and owner-occupied commercial real estate.

No Prepayment Penalties

We are committed to helping your business return to conventional financing as soon as possible. Our borrowers can pay off their loan relationship without penalty. No early termination fees.

Asset Based Lines of Credit

Great Lakes Business Credit can lend money to your business based on your accounts receivable and inventory which may also include machinery and equipment and owner-occupied commercial real estate.

Lines of Credit
Equipment Financing

We can normally lend up to 70% of the forced-sale auction value of equipment and is limited to 50% of the total financing

Lines of Credit