The Bridge Approach
to Lending


Borrowers can pay off their loan relationships without penalty or early termination fees.

Originally established as Great Lakes Business Credit in 2002, Bridge Business Credit is an asset-based lender that is focused exclusively on providing business loans of $500,000 to $6 million. Our team of professionals serve enterprises located throughout the Eastern half of the United States.

Lendable Collateral

General Lending Parameters

  • First security interest in all assets of borrower
  • Personal guaranty of principal owner(s) > 20%
  • Notes payable to related parties are subordinated to BBC
  • Weekly borrowing base reporting
  • 12-month facilities; no early termination fees
  • Full dominion of funds, with lockbox
  • Quarterly field exams
  • *These are general guidelines as advance rates, ineligibles and caps may change when considering individual requests.


Bridge Business Credit offers creative, nimble, and flexible loan structures for businesses with the potential for success that, unfortunately, cannot obtain or maintain traditional bank financing to assure continued operation and future success. Contact Bridge if you:

  • Are currently in the asset recovery department of a bank
  • Have little or no equity
  • Have a steep projected revenue growth curve
  • Have a weak balance sheet
  • Are a startup or new business in operation for at least 6 months
  • Have stretched payments to vendors
  • Are restructuring your business
  • Are in or emerging from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Our quick funding timeline with zero prepayment penalties provide solutions for many industry segments, including, but not limited to: